Are you feeling down on yourself, lonely or like you don’t measure up? Try one of these…

I heart you & me (12 mins): Tap into the love and connection in your life and shine it back into you.

Classic kindness (12 mins): Share around the kind vibes in this classic and effective befriending meditation.

Kind to body & mind (12 mins): Flow light through your body and meet your mind with kindness when it wanders.

Top Yourself Up (12 mins): Breathe some gentle nourishment into your body and put yourself back into the equation.

I made a crap choice (11 mins): Calm down your mithering mind when you feel you've made a crappy choice.

In this together (12 mins): Feel connection and remind yourself - you’re not alone - we’re in this together.

Calming comparisons (11 mins):  Find some kindness in our crazy world of constant comparisons. 


10 times thankful (1 min intro): List 10 things you appreciate about your day.

Random kindness (1 min intro): Embrace the awkward and do something kind for a stranger.