It is real to feel (12 mins): Manage tough emotions (guilt, anger, worry, shame, fear....) with a tad more tenderness.

Coping with tiredness (11 mins): To help you make it through the knackered-ness.

Present not perfect (11 mins): Let's loosen the grip of wanting things to be certain way and be present instead.

Permission to slow down (11 mins): Give yourself permission to find some strength in stillness.

Top Yourself Up (12 mins): Breathe some gentle nourishment into your body and put yourself back into the equation.

Let’s be human (12 mins): Let’s focus our attention on being wholesome humans rather than perfect mums.

Banking my babies (12 mins): Bank the best bits of your kids so the passing of time feels less daunting.

Leaving the kids (11 mins): Diffuse the discomfort and guilt you feel when you leave your kids with others.


Circles of light (3 mins): Join this mini visualisation to kindly seperate yourself from someone difficult.

Mindfulness exercise: fly away (1 min intro): Use the image of birds taking flight to let go of some of your fears.