TOOLS FOR awareness


Relax & come back (12 mins): Relax into your body and gently bring your mind back to the breath as it wanders.

Sounds around (12 mins): Tune in to the sounds around you to help you feel touch more grounded.

Put down past & future (12 mins): Lift the weight of constant thinking and find some space in the breath.

Body scan (11 mins): A great one for moving out of your head and into your body to give your mind a break.

Mindful movement (12 mins): Really gentle low-key stretching whilst being mindful as we move.


Cup of calm (1 min intro): Make a cup of your favourite drink and then listen to this short introduction whilst relaxing into this mindful moment.  

Mini montage (1 min intro): Use your phone to take some pics of things in your surroudings that you wouldn't normally notice.