the ZEN squad

The benefits of taking 10 minutes out on a regular basis are massive but we know forming a new habit isn't easy. This is why we've created the 10 of zen squad - a group of mums who work together virtually with Nikki to make 10 of zen a self-care commitment. 

I loved the support - it made me feel calmer, it felt easier to relax and I slept much better too.”
— Lou, mum to Mia and Will


Our 10 of zen squad members are encouraged to complete 30 minutes of mindfulness practice every week, split out like this:

  • Take 10 as a team: log onto a live 15-minute group call on Sunday evening (time slots will either be 8.30/9.00/9.30pm) and follow a guided meditation led by 10 of zen founder, Nikki.

  • Complete a zen task: a 5-minute mindfulness exercise will be provided to you - all things you can easily sew into your everyday life such as mindful walking or taking photos.

  • Take 10 on your own: a direct link to a suggested 10-minute guided meditation will be sent to your phone for you to complete in your own time.

Obviously life gets in the way sometimes and this is totally fine. With this in mind, we have lots of tricks to keep you on track... 

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We know sticking with it can be hard, no matter how much we know it works! So this is why all of our squad members get:

  • Access to a recording of sunday sessions - these are sent out to squad members and available to watch again in your own time if you missed the session.

  • An awesome training plan - a printable training plan with fresh themes each week such as building awareness, letting go and being present with the kids.

  • Text message reminders - friendly & personal reminders directly from Nikki to encourage sticking with it.

  • Trouble-shooting sessions - During the training, Nikki opens her diary for 1-2-1 calls for anyone needing a bit of extra support with keeping their zen vibes going.

I practise every day, along with every excuse in the world not to.”
— Ruby Wax, How to Be Human
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You can sign up now for the January to March training season:

  • Season starts: Sunday 20th January.

  • Season finishes: Sunday 25th March.

  • Season fees: £100. Payment is possible in x3 monthly instalments.

We warmly welcome anyone who’s interested to give to zen squad a go with a free TWO WEEK TRIAL! No strings attached. Simply enter this code at check-out to sign up for free: SQUADDIE19.

If it’s cash flow holding you back, we also sell gift vouchers. You could ‘subtly’ send a loved one this link and suggest that this gift would be a perfect choice! Wink, wink! :)



Once you have signed up and paid your fees, you will then be asked to:

  • Complete a quick survey: a 5-minute survey about you and your experience with mindfulness so far.

  • Have a short chat: a 15-minute follow up call to discuss your answers and to cover off important guidelines around mindfulness and mental health.

Once this is all done, you'll be invited to join the Sunday night team zen sessions and your squad membership will officially commence! #teamzen

The benefits were huge for me... better sleep, less anxious, more positive outlook.”
— Georgie, mum to Felix
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We're all about one team, one dream. So for all squad members we offer:

  • 100% money back guarantee - if at any point you're not happy with your experience we offer you your money back.

  • 10% off all other 10 of zen products including retreats.

  • £10 cash-back on your termly season fees for every new trial member you recruit.

Essentially if you’re a good networker - you can cover your own fees by inviting your friends along.



  1. Do I need to have any meditation experience? It really doesn't matter if you're a novice or a zen master. Everyone is welcome.

  2. What if I like the sound of it but I'm not sure? We offer a free two week trial if you’re keen but not sure - there’s absolutely no obligation to book once the trial is done. Enter the discount code SQUADDIE19 at check-out here.

  3. Are the Sunday live sessions via video link? Yes - you can see Nikki but you won’t be seen or heard on the session. So you don’t need to worry about background noise or outfit choices!

I thought it might be weird doing meditation sessions on the phone but it was actually really nice.”
— Nina, mum to Lux