Nikki runs regular interactive workshops packed full of practical zen hacks. The most popular themes are:

  • Demystifying Mindfulness - busting the myths around meditation with no bells, smells or bowing to Budhha.

  • The power of the love stuff - the interconnected science of stress and self-love. Practical hacks for building more kindness into your life.

  • The slow grow strategy - calming down the chase and pace of business so you can build things up from a better place.

  • Old habits die hard - the truth behind habit formation and how best to approach your intention to meditate more often.

  • Overcoming overwhelm - practical tips and tools to help you nourish your best self so you can cope better with the challenges of living a busy life.

Thank you for your uplifting workshop today. It was a perfect balance of humour and seriousness delivered in a relaxed and engaging way.”
— Sarah

If you’d like to book a workshop or make an enquiry - we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here: