When there's so little time as mums why choose to take 10 minutes out of your day to practise mindfulness?

Our two aims for 10 of zen are to help mums:


Amazingly, mindfulness training is proven through robust research to drive incredible results in both of these areas.


Mindfulness reduces your stress response...

Normally, mental and physical stress cause increased levels of stress hormones - cortisol and adrenaline. This produces many of the harmful effects of stress and can disrupt sleep, promote depression and anxiety, increase blood pressure and contribute to fatigue and cloudy thinking. In countless studies mindfulness-based training has shown to significantly reduce the body's stress response. 

I did the coping with tiredness meditation last night and it was amazing. Iā€™m going to use it as part of my wind-down routine. Please keep them coming!ā€
— Jules, Mum to Teds & Bea

Mindfulness increases your cuddle chemicals...

Being kind to yourself and others increases the hormone oxytocin ('the cuddle chemical' which makes us feel happy when we're close to loved ones). But what's even better is that oxytocin has a cardioprotective effect - it reduces blood pressure, acts as an antioxidant and also speeds up wound healing.  This is the scientific reason we focus on the 'love stuff' because it has such positive effects on the body, heart and mind. 

Want to increase the 'love stuff' in your life? Check out this meditation...

In 10 of zen meditation video #5 we introduce the idea of compassion for self and others. This is a great way to ease the sense of judgement when you're a parent. My son features for the first time and is responsible for the background noise ;)