10 of zen provides mindfulness tools and training for mums. We aim to help mums to stress less and love more so that every member of our mama tribe is better equipped to thrive.

I love what you are doing - your refreshing tone, your brutal honesty and your compassion - it’s contagious.”
— Lily, Mum Emmi & Raffi

We believe 'the motherload' is placing limitations on what modern mums can achieve:

  • Nagging not-worthiness – In an ever connected world of comparison, mums are battling the 'I'm not enough' mentality every day.
  • Lost mo-jo – Mums are losing their sparkle as they are catapulted from careers into the home and left to create a new identity in isolation.
  • Frazzle factor - Mums have an average of 17 minutes of ‘me time’ to themselves each day. Burn out is a genuine risk - frazzled doesn’t cover it! 
  • Brain strain - Women do 60% more cooking, childcare and housework than their partners. And usually most of the other ‘stuff’ which comes with kids. 

We aim to create sustainable change in mums’ mental health by…

  • gathering constant feedback from mums on what they want and need.
  • collaborating with experts in therapy, coaching and meditation practices to develop our tools and training.
  • using the solid evidence base on the benefits of regular meditation. When practised regularly for 10 minutes, it can reduce stress and anxiety and significantly improve emotional health. 
Nikki has created something really helpful and powerful in 10 of zen. I’ll be sending some of my clients her way.”
— Julianne Boutaleb, Consultant Perinatal Psychologist

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